Games - Schedules - Last updated: Monday Mar 12, 2018. FINALS FOR VETERANS A & MASTER MAR 18, 2018 AT GC CTR.

It is mandatory to check your schedule every Thursday for the latest/updated schedules to avoid default games. SEMIFINALS/FINALS MUST WEAR THEIR RESPECTIVE UNIFORMS.

Important Reminder: New FIBA Rules 2017

Travelling- You are now allowed 2 1/2 steps when catching and finishing a lay up to the basket. See FIBA Rules 2017 Art 25.2.1 for more details. Unsportsmanlike fouls- They have to make an attempt to go for the ball if they want to foul somebody or it will be called unsportsmanlike foul with 2 free throws and a ball possession. Specially if they are trying to stop fastbreak similar to NBA rules. But if you have a teammate already back on defence and you grab somebody while they're on a fastbreak, it will be called unsportsmanlike. See FIBA Art 37.1.1 for more details.

FBANA WPG 2018 BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT June 1 to 3 at GC 711 Jefferson.

REG FEE: $300.00 please contact Muriel Masangkay at 204-294-7921 email Late fee $350.00.